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Springtime in Washington DC

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Love the sky in this one of the Washington Monument!

Today is PICTURE DAY!!!

Even though I have mentioned  my need to get away from the DC area there are still a few things that I will never grow tired of living in this city.  One of those things are the Cherry Blossoms!! They are such a wonderful springtime tradition and so beautiful!!  You can come down here and paddle boat around the Potomac, or bring a picnic with your family or friends.   Or come by yourself and go for a run around the snow of Cherry Blossoms 🙂  ahhhh so lovely!! It’s such a beautiful way to drink in the amazing majestic city.  DC really is quite beautiful.

So yesterday I decided to go be a tourist around DC (since when you live here, it’s rare that you actually go tool around DC)  So I brought my camera and shot the day away!!  Here are my photos 🙂  (including the one above!)

The Tidal Bassin


Beautiful Cherry Blossoms!


FDR Memorial

The Orchid Room at the United States Botanic Gardens Conservatory


The Tidal Bassin



Vegan Eats around the DC Metro Area

About a month ago I got my very first fan mail!!! It was so exciting! and it totally made my day.  The person was saying how they had just had their 1 year anniversary of being vegan, and how they stumbled across my blog and noticed how I had not posted anything in a long while (this was of course during my lack of a computer period 😦  so very sad)  and was hoping that I would start up again soon.  They then asked if at some point I could post a blog about my favorite vegan restaurants in the area.  So here it is!!! My review of what I feel are the best places to get some fine vegan grub in and around the DC metro area.

1) Sticky Fingers Bakery (they are finally updating their website!!)

Ahhh I remember when they were just a tiny little hole in the wall back on 18th street near Adams Morgan.  *sigh*

This place will always hold a special place in my heart, as it was the very first place I discovered when I first became a vegan.  It brought me such great joy to find a place that served delicious vegan sweets!  And they have totally and completely expanded!  They serve sandwiches, brunch on weekends, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies… they even have a cupcake happy hour on the first wednesday of every month!! They have adult flavored cupcakes which rotate (can we say fuzzy navel cupcake?? yummmm or chocolate stout cupcake anyone?? anyone? Bueller? Bueller? anyone?)

2) Cafe Green/Java Green

Java Green was the first place to open and it’s more of a work day place to go for lunch, in terms of their hours (though I haven’t checked their hours recently, they may have extended them) because of their location, in the heart of DC work area.

Cafe Green is by the same people who opened Java Green and they recently opened in 2010.  These two places are awesome as they serve a blend of Vegan and Raw foods.  They are a bit pricey but oh so delicious.

3) Elizabeth’s Gone Raw

I recently discovered this place when I went to go see Kris Carr speak at her book signing.  When you walk in it feels as though you have stepped into Marie Antoinette land!! So very chiq and vintage and cozy.  It is not yet opened on a daily basis.  So far it is only open for events that they hold on a fairly regular basis and if you would like to host events.  It is an all raw restaurant and the food is amazing!!  This place would be perfect for graduation parties, wedding receptions, anniversary parties etc…

4) Bus Boys and Poets

This place is perfect for going to with your friends who are not vegan.  They serve both vegan and non vegan food.  It also is a very hip and cool place to hang out, sip coffee, have cocktails hear live music, poetry readings, watching documentary’s and shopping at a fair trade books store!! It is quite the boho chiq poetry slam dive kinda place to be.  And they’re vegan desserts are from my faaaaaaaaaaavorite place ever Vegan Treats I guarantee if you give your non vegan friends a bite of your vegan cheesecake, they won’t be able to tell the difference, in fact they may even think it’s better then the real thing!

They also have several locations in DC and one in VA

5) Great Sage

Another fantastic place to go for parties or celebrations.   I went  here to celebrate my finally graduating from college.  It is a bit far, but oh so very worth it.  The ambiance is also quite breathtaking.  I’d recommend going when the weather is nice so you can sit out on the gorgeous patio and take in the nice green scenery.  The inside decor is very modern and Asian styled.  The food not only is incredible but they also plate each dish very stylishly it almost makes you not want to eat it because its so beautiful!! **I’d recommend taking a picture of it so you can continue to salivate over it all the way home**

6) Toscana Green

Another great place to go with friends who may not be vegan.  They serve vegan, raw and non vegan food.  They also hold monthly events for vegan singles with music and dancing.

7) La Pain Quotidien

This place isn’t vegan per-se, however they do have vegan options.  It is a wonderful place to go and grab some coffee with a friend or go for a nice light lunch or dinner.  It is an all organic french bakery/restaurant.  It is a green run restaurant and their meals are all proportioned correctly!  They don’t use any processed stuff and you never leave feeling stuffed or weighed down.  I love going there for brunches with friends.  And another plus, they have them all over the world! So when traveling you can scout out if there is one near where you are going to be!

8.) Pizza Paradiso

Pizza!!! I got two places on here for this.  This place is a bit more upscale the Z-Pizza.  It’s more of the “go out with friends for pizza” type of place.  They have vegan options for cheese! And there are several locations around the DC metro area.

9) Z Pizza

Consider this your “Dominos” or “Pizza Hut” of ordering out for pizza options.  They use all organic ingredients and have vegan cheese and “meat”.  They do have tables where you can dine in as well.  They also serve salad, sandwiches and pasta.  My fav sandwich is the veggie sandwich on whole wheat baguette and of course I tweak it to my liking…. as I tend to do with most things Lol

10) Asylum

Punk dive bar!!! woohoo!!!  I got two of these on here also!

Located in Adams Morgan, this place is so awesome.  They serve vegan brunch (as well as non vegan) on weekends.  They also offer vegan bar food.  They have live music on occasion, and downstairs they have all kinds of regular bar games like pool, darts etc…  It’s your typical grunge bar where you can chill, relax and enjoy non popped collars and boat shoes Lol aka you can be yourself!!

11) Galaxy Hut

A place where you can go and “everybody knows your name…” no seriously… it’s that tiny.  I love this place, it’s right in my neighborhood, they have a rather large assortment of beers and ciders, its about as big as a living room and every friday (or just about) they host local small bands (which makes the audience space even smaller, but somehow they make it work).  They offer a few vegan options like their “pulled pork” sandwich and a few other options.  But more than that, the atmosphere is awesome, total dive bar where you can just relax and enjoy a nice cold beer with friends.

I hope you enjoyed my reviews! and I hope it helps you to spread your vegan wings and check out some sweet ass places to go with friends and eat some kick ass vegan grub!!

Have a great weekend 🙂

Crazy, Sexy, Diet – Book Signing

Yesterday I went to Elizabeth’s Gone Raw restaurant to attend Kris Carr’s Crazy, Sexy, Diet book signing.   It was so lovely, it was small intimate and they had an all raw lunch available for those who wanted to buy it.  I of course did and it was delicious!!! I really want to go to an actual dinner event there (they aren’t open daily, only on certain dates or for events).

So Kris started out by talking a bit about her story and her new book, then she opened it up for questions etc.. there were several cancer survivors there and I was definitely moved to tears with a few things Kris said.  One thing in particular that she said, although small and brief, had a major impact on me.  It was in response to a question on how to respond to people when they remark about “shouldn’t you be practicing what you preach?” if you, for example are having a glass of wine or some type of junk food or something.  The girl was saying that she 95% of the time leads a healthy lifestyle now that she is cancer free, but sometimes would like to enjoy a glass of wine without being ridiculed.  Kris said “do you think the most peaceful yogi’s are perfect 100% of the time? no.  Do you think your idols are always happy? or never yell at their spouses? no.  I am totally flawed, and I love that I am full of flaws, because its what makes me, me.  It’s what makes me unique.  I am a pain in the ass to work for, but it’s only because I expect the best, because I want to be able to reach out to all of you! and help you!”    In any case, the part where she said “I am totally flawed, and I love that I’m flawed” that got me all choked up.  I just had this overwhelming sense of relief to hear that from someone I have recently discovered and put up on my list of people I admire.  It just made me feel like “oh thank god! she’s human too! it really is ok to not be perfect”.

Overall the afternoon was quite fulfilling and peaceful.  I spoke with her health coach about my own future and got some fantastic feedback.  Then before I left I got the nerve up and asked if I could take a picture with Kris! I look a little funny in the picture because the guy taking the photo had the camera super close to us, no idea why, so I kinda have this odd expression on my face like “uhhh can you back up sir?” Lol

Oh well, but at least I got a photo! woohoo!

p.s. she’s got hair flare!!! I have so much hair flare that I love wearing, I so should of worn it there! hahah

Happy Halloweeeeeeen!!!

Well, yesterday, as I am sure everyone has heard about in the news, was the “Rally to Restore Sanity” down on the mall with John Stewart and Stephen Colbert.  Being a DC native and all, I of course had to go! Well…. boy was I ever surprised when I got to the metro, and could not get on a single train!! In all my life of living here, I have never once seen the metro system so completely flooded with people.  There were lines wrapped around the block just to get into the station to get a fair card!!!

I had to hop on a train going in the opposite direction just to be able to get on a train! I had to ride the train to the very end of that line and wait for it to turn around  to go in the direction I wanted Lol oyy vey!   Luckily I thought ahead and brought the new People magazine with me and read all about Taylor Swift, so I was entertained, along with the people on my train who were leading cheers in “NO!!” whenever the doors opened and people tried to get on.

So after about an hour and a half of train riding (normally this trip takes about 20 minutes, if that) I finally got downtown.  Tons and tons of people!! I could barely walk anywhere, could barely hear anything and definitely could not see anything because of my height deficiency (lol I’m 5’4 which is a fine height, except for situations where there are large crowds and the stage is far away).  People had climbed on top of the porto-potties, climbed trees and even street lights just to see!


So after pushing my way up as far as I could go ( I may be small, but when there are celebrities to be seen, I will make my way up to them!!) I finally decided to evacuate the mission.  I was hungry and just getting annoyed of the crowds, it seemed that the closer I got the tighter I was getting squeezed and to be honest I started having flashes of an angry mob riot breaking out and me getting trampled.  My mission to evacuate happened right after an almost fight broke out right in front of me because of someone getting accidentally pushed, the other girl for some reason got offended by this… I mean really??  Soooo I decided to cut outta there and venture onward with my day.

Halloween 2009 - My roommate and I

This was last year, 2009, my roommate dressed up as an 80’s chick, while dressed up as Lola from Hannah Montana 🙂  I do believe I was probably the only one who had any idea who Lola over the age of 15.  And I didn’t see any 15 year olds out at the bars.  It’s all good, I totally own my love for the disney channel and I wear it with pride! yay! haha

Did everyone dress up as for Halloween??  I was a bit lame this year and did not do anything.  For one I just wasn’t really in the mood to go out to any bars and no one I knew was throwing a house party.  And secondly, now a days it seems that for any holiday there is a big party at all of the bars going on which means they charge a cover at the door.  Sooooo instead, I stayed in and watched saturday night live, which by the way has really gotten to good in the past few years, and then went to bed.   A relaxing evening, after a chaotic day.  Relaxing is something that I do not do very well.  However…

So, I attempted it, and it worked out alright 😉

Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloweens, I’d love to know what kind of cool and creative costumes everyone had! Do share!