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How to Cope with the 6 letter word of death!

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It seems like a death sentence for those of us super active people.  It’s awful, it feels like you can’t move on with your life, you might as well just pig out, and become one with the couch and your TV… I mean whats the point right if you can’t run, or bike, or do yoga or whatever it is that is your sport of choice.

I used to have this mentality, and yes, I am still guilty of at first getting into that mental black fog.  However, there are so many other things that you can do to still stay active and not gain weight while on the bench!   I am currently in this exact boat.  I’m a runner and have been battling some type of injury in my hip.   I’ve had this same injury before so instead of feeling sorry for myself  I immediately transitioned over to biking and elliptical as well as still keeping up with my circuit workouts.  I just take out any jumping or pounding that will further aggravate my hip.

Whatever your injury might be there is always something that you can do, it may not feel as active as you’re used to doing, but it is certainly better then doing nothing!  The other most important thing is to make sure that you are continuing to eat clean!!  Make sure you are adding in crucial healing foods.  Ginger is a major one to add in if your injury has any kind of inflammation involved.  Ginger is an anti-inflammatory food, along with Blueberries and Turmeric.  Add them into your salads, smoothies, juices or slice up the ginger and let it steep in hot water and have ginger tea!  If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll know my obsession with Ginger, read my post on it here!


I know it may feel like the end of the world during your healing recovery time, but the key to getting through this is to find the thing or things that you CAN do!  For me I’m doing a lot of spinning and I just got into boxing!  It is quite therapeutic!  I have no idea how long I’ll be out from running, and there is a chance I may have to miss my big 50k race June 1st if I can’t get back to training soon!!  So needless to say, I did have my moment this past weekend feeling super sorry for myself, but I’m back to cross training and feeling pretty good!!

   How do you all cope? Any other recommendations?


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  1. WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for turmeric benefits


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