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Happy Halloweeeeeeen!!!

Well, yesterday, as I am sure everyone has heard about in the news, was the “Rally to Restore Sanity” down on the mall with John Stewart and Stephen Colbert.  Being a DC native and all, I of course had to go! Well…. boy was I ever surprised when I got to the metro, and could not get on a single train!! In all my life of living here, I have never once seen the metro system so completely flooded with people.  There were lines wrapped around the block just to get into the station to get a fair card!!!

I had to hop on a train going in the opposite direction just to be able to get on a train! I had to ride the train to the very end of that line and wait for it to turn around  to go in the direction I wanted Lol oyy vey!   Luckily I thought ahead and brought the new People magazine with me and read all about Taylor Swift, so I was entertained, along with the people on my train who were leading cheers in “NO!!” whenever the doors opened and people tried to get on.

So after about an hour and a half of train riding (normally this trip takes about 20 minutes, if that) I finally got downtown.  Tons and tons of people!! I could barely walk anywhere, could barely hear anything and definitely could not see anything because of my height deficiency (lol I’m 5’4 which is a fine height, except for situations where there are large crowds and the stage is far away).  People had climbed on top of the porto-potties, climbed trees and even street lights just to see!


So after pushing my way up as far as I could go ( I may be small, but when there are celebrities to be seen, I will make my way up to them!!) I finally decided to evacuate the mission.  I was hungry and just getting annoyed of the crowds, it seemed that the closer I got the tighter I was getting squeezed and to be honest I started having flashes of an angry mob riot breaking out and me getting trampled.  My mission to evacuate happened right after an almost fight broke out right in front of me because of someone getting accidentally pushed, the other girl for some reason got offended by this… I mean really??  Soooo I decided to cut outta there and venture onward with my day.

Halloween 2009 - My roommate and I

This was last year, 2009, my roommate dressed up as an 80’s chick, while dressed up as Lola from Hannah Montana 🙂  I do believe I was probably the only one who had any idea who Lola over the age of 15.  And I didn’t see any 15 year olds out at the bars.  It’s all good, I totally own my love for the disney channel and I wear it with pride! yay! haha

Did everyone dress up as for Halloween??  I was a bit lame this year and did not do anything.  For one I just wasn’t really in the mood to go out to any bars and no one I knew was throwing a house party.  And secondly, now a days it seems that for any holiday there is a big party at all of the bars going on which means they charge a cover at the door.  Sooooo instead, I stayed in and watched saturday night live, which by the way has really gotten to good in the past few years, and then went to bed.   A relaxing evening, after a chaotic day.  Relaxing is something that I do not do very well.  However…

So, I attempted it, and it worked out alright 😉

Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloweens, I’d love to know what kind of cool and creative costumes everyone had! Do share!


Chocolate Tortilla Chips and Magical Healing Soup

Vegan crazy lady say what?! Yes you read it correctly.  The other day I was in Whole Foods (which I can easily spend hours in at a time) and I was looking for these new chips in the lime flavor, which they had been out of every time I went in there.  Anyway this time they had them! yay!! As I was looking up there I saw in the same brand a bag that said “Chocolate”…

I had to do a double take, thinking “huh?? chocolate tortilla chips??” I of course had to get them because I was so intrigued.  Well, to my delight they are actually quite good!! Not too sweet, and a little salty.  Yumm! Although I have still yet to figure out what could go well with them as a dip…. hmmm

Anyway, so I wasn’t feelin to hot this evening.  Felt very just… gross, headache, nauseous, cramping tummy.  No bueno.  So I remembered Alicia Silverstone had a recipe in her book The Kind Diet for a “Magical Healing Soup”.  While I don’t think it’s quite “magical” I decided why not give it a shot.  So I made it tonight and it was exactly what I needed.  It did indeed make me feel so much better! It was very easy to make and took very little time considering it’s a soup from scratch.

Alicia’s Magical Healing Soup

From The Kind Diet

Serves 2

1/2 medium carrot, cut into large chunks

1/4 medium daikon, cut into large chunks

1/4 red onion, cut into large chunks

2-3 celery stalks, chopped

3-4 small broccoli florets

4 button mushrooms, sliced

2-3 trumpet mushrooms, sliced

1/2 medium leek, halved then cut into large chunks and swirled in a bowl of water to dislodge any grit

Ginger juice to taste (grate a 1″ piece of ginger and squeeze out the juice with your fingers)

Shoyu to taste

1 whole scallion

1/4 bunch watercress, tough stems discarded

Mochi, chopped or shredded (optional)

Toasted nori pieces (optional)

**I didn’t have any red onion, trumpet mushrooms, watercress, mochi or nori and its tasted just fine.  I did add some Miso to it and gave a very asian flavor, yumm!!**


1. Bring 3 cups water to a boil.  Add carrot and daikon, reduce heat to simmer

2. Add red onion and cook 2-3 minutes

3. Add celery, broccoli, mushrooms, and leek

4. Add ginger juice and shoyu to the broth to taste

5. Simmer until vegetables are cooked through but still lightly firm, about 5 minutes

6. Add scallion, and turn off heat.

Pour into bowl and enjoy with some crackers or whole wheat roll

I’m enjoying my evening relaxing and watching the season finale of Project Runway.  I can’t decide who I want to win?!  I wouldn’t mind if either Mondo or Andy win, not the biggest fan of Gretchen.  I also love that Jessica Simpson is a guest judge!!  I used to not really like her, but ever since she began speaking out about the media’s problem on body image and its affect on women, as well as her show The Price of Beauty I have a new appreciation of her and think she has turned into quite a smart woman.

Hope you all are having a relaxing evening as well!

Inspiration Boards

Anyone else love arts and crafts time as much as I do??  I’m going to assume that there is a unanimous rise of hands, I mean why wouldn’t you love arts and crafts?!

Something I love to do when I am feeling out of sorts is to get out all of my arts stuff and make some art.  Whether it be painting furniture, making collages,  making new cool clothing out of old t-shirts etc… etc…    Well a few weeks ago I was feeling particularly out of sorts and decided to do some fall cleaning and organizing (another thing that makes me feel good, I know total nerd alert) with all of my magazines that I had.  I like to keep magazines that have all kinds of nutrition info or new and different fitness exercises.   Anyway, so I decided I wanted to go through them all and cut out all sorts of positive messages throughout them all and make a collage of them to hang in my room.  This way when I wake up every morning I see all these positive messages and it will give me motivation to keep going.

I made it body image and fitness oriented.  Words that help me to accept and love the body that I have been given and to be strong and fuel my body properly so that I can reach my fitness goals of running my first half marathon in a few months.

So this is what it looks like:

I also made this one:

I had a blast making them, as I do with most artsy projects.  I could spend hours doing them!!

I think it is so important to do things that you love doing that isn’t your main job.  To keep that kid inside you.  Things I love to do in my free time, which I have A LOT of these days,  are dancing, artsy things, organizing, baking, reading up on nutrition related things and anything health related and watching movies!

I love being creative, although lately I feel like its more of a nuisance… meaning, my head won’t stop coming up with awesome ideas for what I want to do in life and how I can combine all of my passions into a job.  You’re probably thinking “that’s awesome how can that be a bad thing?”  Well when you don’t have the capital to start up your own business, or the experience it starts becoming depressing.  Eventually, say ten years from now, I plan to open my own business, but until then I’ll just keep planning, patience is not something I do very well… *sigh*

Do you have any special or fun things you like to do to draw inspiration or motivation for yourself? If so what?

And if you have your own inspiration boards share them with me, I’d love to see how you create yours!

Waiting to Exhale

Now I don’t believe I ever actually saw that movie, or if I did I certainly don’t remember it.   In any case, I like the title because it works well as a title for this post.

This past year I discovered blogs, in regards to reading them and discovering that there are quite a lot out there on every topic possible.  Then recently I decided to start my own blog.  It’s taken me a while to figure out which direction I wanted to go, how I could make my different from all the others out there so it could stand out.  But then I realized that would be impossible, so I made the leap.  It seems to be a trend with me that whenever I discover something new and exciting, I want to be the very best at it… hahah I know, perfectionist much? Whether its wanting to a pro cyclist, professional dancer, famous blogger, top chef or professional marathoner….. I’ve envisioned it all.

So with the start of my blog, I have come across quite a few other blogs which I have grasped onto and become loyal readers to.  I discovered a new one the other day and it stood out to me because of one particular blog entry.  Over on Peace.Love.Nutrition there was an entry titled “I keep on waiting…” which when I read it, it felt as if I was reading my own thoughts but online and on some other persons blog!  She was talking about how she feels like she keeps waiting for something big to happen that will start her life.  I feel exactly the same.  I constantly am wondering when I am going to get a job, when I will meet that special someone who will become my plus one forever, when will I finally have an actual income and be  able to start paying off all of my overdue bills and student loans.  When, when, when…

I frequently have conversations with myself – yes I talk to myself and so do you, don’t pretend that you don’t Lol.  And recently I have been thinking about how all I want to do is just pack up all of my things and just drive.  I want to drive out to California so I can start living my life!!!!! But it all circles back around to never having enough money to do anything!! I keep trying to find a job so that I can start actually saving instead of having to put every last cent that I earn towards grocery’s or bills.  So recently I was again having this same thinking/talking conversation in my head and I stopped myself and said “Erin,  this is my life…. right now, yes it is not the ideal situation at the moment but everything is impermanent… this is only temporary.”  Wow I’m like Yoda!!  In any case, I know the situation I am in is not going to last forever, but it is so hard to keep thinking positive at a time like this.  I have dueling swords going back and forth in my head.   So I keep telling myself to…..

If I keep focusing on what I don’t have and wondering what the future holds I am missing what is happening right now.  I don’t want to be 50 years old and think back on my 20’s and wonder where that time went, and wonder “did I even enjoy that decade? what did I do?”

I still am struggling with all of this, because while on one hand it would be so lovely to simply forget all of the realities and just say “everything is going to be fine!!!” On the other hand I need to hold onto those realities, as much as I don’t want to, its the mature thing to do.

A few things that I am implementing into my life these days to help me through this difficult time, to help keep me going are: Running, experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes, blogging, and making inspiration boards.  I’ll do a whole post on my inspiration boards so stay tuned!! 🙂

Until then, I’m just going to keep telling myself that:

Oh and…..

Job Frustrations Rant

Ok, so I had a different blog to post today but after this evenings events I had to get this off my chest.

I HATE JOB HUNTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my god!! So I had an interview this evening at 7:00pm (yes odd time I know).  So I took off from my nanny job early so that I could give myself plenty of time to find the place and get lost, since I am the queen of getting myself totally and completely lost, I now plan for these things.  So after 45 minutes of traffic I found the place with 10 minutes to spare!! I go to the door and…… wait why is the door locked?? So I knock, then call the number…. no answer, to the door or phone.  I look around, all but two cars in the parking lot, its dark, I have no idea where I am really.  So I call again, no answer.  I call again then finally an answer, its the receptionist that had her calls forwarded to her cell phone.  She seems surprised that I am calling and saying I have an interview.  She kind of fumbles a bit and then says “umm let me call …. (still not sure of the womans name) and I’ll call your right back”  So I say ok hesitantly.  She calls me back and says “she had an emergency and completely forgot in the midst of it all, she apologizes and will call you tomorrow to reschedule, and I apologize for her as well”  I’m thinking yea…. ok thanks, so I missed 3 hours of work where I could have been getting paid which i really need to drive all the way out here for nothing?? do i really wanna play this game again???

So I drive home…. and on the way I see these two signs

Ok so not those exact signs since I didn’t take a picture (dangerous!) but still one said alexandria the other said baltimore/richmond.  I actually had a split moment where I thought to myself… “why can’t i just take off towards new york and just go!” Oh how close I was to doing it, but then remembered that I have my baby at home (daisy) and I’m way too much of a planner to ever just take off.  I’d need clothes, daisy, toiletries, pillow, blankets etc….

But I am so unbelievably TIRED of this whole run around of endless job hunting and getting NOTHING! I mean seriously, I had a thought today, and honestly I have been looking for a job constantly for the past 3 1/2 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Granted the past few months have been more of a serious look since I now have my degree.  But still, to have to constantly drag myself out of bed and try to pep myself up each and every day to stay positive is beyond exhausting.  Not only exhausting but it is doing a serious number on my esteem and mind/body.  The amount of stress that has been building on me is beginning to really take a toll.  I have had a non stop headache for the past week, my left shoulder and side of my neck has been cramped up which also is giving me headaches.  The bags under my eyes are getting darker and darker, my hair is falling out in clumps, and I am now having daily breakdowns.  Like, the kind of breakdowns where I am literally on the floor bawling my eyes out and its like pulling teeth to get myself dressed and get out the door.

Yes this is not the most uplifting post, but its honest and truthful and I want to show people out there who may possibly be reading this post that no, life is not all sunshine and roses 100% of the time.  I get so annoyed when I read blogs where people sound so upbeat and cheery and happy ALL the time!!! I mean thats great for them but it starts making me feel like “why can’t my life be like that?”   I guess thats also just that side of me that always has to compare myself to others…. I’m workin on that one, but it takes time.

Anyway, so that was my lovely evening…. I’ve got my $4 wine from trader joes and it’s pretty darn good!! gotta love TJ’s 🙂

Tomorrow I plan to get up, drive over to Roosevelt Island and go for a nice run around the island and then down the Mt. Vernon Trail which has a gorgeous view of the DC skyline and river.

My Favorite Things

Sing it with me now “Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things….”  such a great movie.  But that’s not what I’m talking about today.

I would like to share with you my top 4 favorite things that I am slightly, or majorly obsessed with right now.  I tend to go through phases of being totally and completely obsessed with things, and they generally revolve around food products.  I love food! more importantly, I love healthy good for you foods! Lately I have been discovering a whole new world of vegan/raw foods which involve tons of amazing superfoods!! As you can tell, I get REALLY excited about this stuff.  I just find it so amazing how so many different natural foods can do so many amazing things for your body.  Now I could really go on for days about that and the correlation that food and nutrition have with health, and the fact that we as a society can reduce the amount of medications one takes with simply changing up their daily diet………… but I’ll save that for another day.

Onto my favorite things!!

1) Navitas Naturals – Specifically the following:

a) Maca

b) Chia Seeds

c) Yacon

d) Mesquite

e) Lucuma

f) Sweet Tooth

2) Amazing Grass – “Amazing Meal” – Specifically the Chocolate and Vanilla Chai flavors

3) Artisana Organic Coconut Butter – While this is definitely a treat since it is so expensive, I guarantee it is so worth it.  You can spread it on toast topped with cacao nibs for a nice afternoon snack or mix it into smoothies (making sure you warm it a bit so it doesn’t clump) or add it into recipes instead of regular nut butter for a nice change up in taste!

4) Coconut Water – I love how when you get back from a run and you drink a glass, you can literally feel yourself becoming re-hydrated as it goes down!! Amazing!

I will be sure to post more new and exciting things as I discover them.  But for right now, those are definitely my top 4.

Do you have any interesting or exciting foods or superfoods that you like? If so, share them!

Green Festival and Vegetable Soup


  Well hello there!! to whoever might be reading this blog.  Today was a beautiful day, though I spent most of it inside…. but still walking to and from the metro was quite beautiful. 

   The Green Festival started today, which I of course went to.  The Green Festival happens once a year and occurs in different cities across the US.  It’s like the mecca for all crunchy granola hippies, vegans and eco-conscious people.  I woke this morning feeling like it was christmas!! a) because there are always tons of awesome samples that you can take with you and always lots of vegan type vendors and b) this was also like a job fair for me!!  So I printed out a bunch of copies of my resume and frolicked over to the convention center to network away!


  There were hundreds of vendors, everything from eco-friendly housing (lighting, insulating, kitchens, bathrooms, flooring etc.) to ec0-friendly beauty products, veg friendly food, ec0-clothing, jewelry and….. schools! I even saw my high school had a booth!! It made me laugh because of course my high school (Washington Waldorf School) was the only high school there and of course only my high school would you see in the booth someone spinning their own wool and felting…. ohhh Waldorf… I wish I had taken a picture but I was so caught up in the fond memories it slipped my mind. 

  I was very excited to grab some lunch there, everything was vegan, so hard to choose!! But I finally decided on a veggie wrap, unfortunately it was awful… I hate when I spend money on something ($8!!!) on food that I have to force myelf to finish, simply because I dont want to waste money.  The hummus was dry, the lettuce tasted horrible and there were like no veggies, just tons of bad tasting lettuce.   Bleh… and only one of the two mini muffins I got for dessert was good.  Thank god I had that one last so my meal ended on a good note.  So I then proceeded to where all the food vendors were to get lots of samples since I was still hungry.


  *Sigh* so disappointing…. oh well  

 So, the good news is that I walked away from the festival with an interview set up for monday and a handful of other contacts of which I will be sending my resume to. Yay!!! 🙂

   I came home and decided I wanted to make some vegetable soup… although after just having some I believe I need to make some changes to the recipe.  I need to soak the beans first then cook them and then add the veggies.  I may try doing what my roommate just suggested and put it all in the blender and make a bisque!! If that proves to be tasty then I shall post the recipe 🙂  I love experimenting with cooking  and baking, I do believe I can thank my dad for that one.  So Thanks Dad!!