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1.  3 Ways to Boost Your Performance

2. Find Your Purpose By Following Your Heart

3.  Prescription for Health: A Meat-Free Diet

4.  4 Steps to Overcome Cravings

5.  Superfoods

6. How Meditation Benefits Your Fitness Plan

7. Self Love vs. Self Improvement

8. Real Happiness

9. Deficiencies in a Meat-Based Diet

10. Vegan Junk Food: Blessing or Curse?

11. Nutrition:  The Future of Medicine

12. In Honor of NEDA Week

13. Will Feeding Your Spirit Release Excess Pounds?

Favorite Websites or Blogs

  1. Oh She Glows
  2. Crazy Sexy Life
  3. Runners World
  4. VegNews Magazine
  5. The Kind Life
  6. Addicted to Veggies
  7. Sweetly Raw
  8. Choosing Raw
  9. The Daily Raw Cafe
  10. Peace, Love, Nutrition



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