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Circuit Training

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I love Circuit Training!  It breaks up the monotony of exercising when you’re stuck in a rut and makes the time just fly by.

Circuit training also has much greater benefits than just sticking to one solid exercise or taking breaks like most people do at the gym between each set (which ends up taking forever!).  Circuit training shocks your body each time you change it up therefore burning more fat and boosting your metabolism.  It also makes for a far more efficient and quick work out.  Just think… you could either do 45 minutes of cardio plus another 45 minutes of weight training OR you could do a solid 45-60 minute circuit training workout and be done!! (and the workout will probably be way more intense).

Today my workout went something like this:

10 min – slow warm up run at 6.0

30 sec. suicide runs

30 sec. double step up jumps

30 sec. push ups

Repeat another 30 second round

10 minute interval runs

30 sec. step taps

30 sec. mountain climbers

Repeat another 30 second round 2x

10 minute interval run

1 minute full sit ups

30 sec. twist taps

30 sec. scissors

Repeat abdominal one round


That work out was the first workout I’ve done like that in a while and it totally kicked my booty!!  And I felt amazing afterwards!! Can’t wait to do it again tomorrow!!

I love these new Nike women ads, so inspiring!!