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Juice Cleanse Day 2

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Day 2 – started out a success then ended in me wanting to eat my entire kitchen…. FAIL! Lol  This is now becoming a fascinating experiment to me.    I find myself beyond curious as to which combination of vegetables will satisfy my palate and hunger so that I can successfully detox my body, give it a good cleanse and not be famished and wanting to eat everything in my kitchen right down to the linoleum floor.

Yesterday seemed to work much better then today. I think a key factor in yesterday was that I had a kombucha drink that I drank throughout the day.  I’ll have to wait until Friday (pay day) until I can buy myself some more Kombucha (aka miracle drink).

Today I had my green juice, then an apple and almond butter for a snack, then my green smoothie (which tasted like grass, that was hard to take down) and some almonds and cranberry mix for an afternoon snack.

This whole thing is definitely taking some navigating, but I assure you I WILL get this down!! And once I do I’ll be sure to sum it all up into one solid info on what worked and what didn’t along with recipes.

Now again, I want to put out there that I am in no way prescribing a detox diet.  I am only sharing what my experience is and people can feel free to take what I am learning as I go and try it out themselves.


Fueling your body for running, vegan style!!

  I have recently gotten more serious about running which has been awesome!  Before I really only ran on a treadmill for about 30 minutes, which yes is still running but it doesn’t push you very hard, unless you change the incline which I never really did. 

   So, running… I have a love hate relationship with it.  I love how awesome I feel after my run, and I especially love when I have those awesome runs where you just feel like you could run for hours and hours and feel light as air… however, I am finding that those types of runs don’t happen every day which is annoying.  I keep trying to figure out what makes those types of runs happen, so far I got nothin.

  Today’s run was odd, my legs felt awesome, felt like I could keep running for hours, however my lungs not so much.  I felt like I couldn’t quite get a deep breath.  One of these days I will get it all figured out and find just the right routine, at least thats what I keep telling myself.   Perhaps I should work more on my meditation and breathing….

   Before I went on my run I made myself this awesome concoction:

Pre-Workout Hydration Energy Smoothie

1 cup coconut water

1 tsp maca cocoa powder (or just plain maca)

1 Tbsp chia seeds

1 frozen banana

1 scoop Amazing Grass wheatgrass powder

 2 handfuls spinach (or kale)

   Blend together in blender


  (I forgot to include the Amazing Grass Wheatgrass powder in both the photo and my smoothie this morning, oops! think I got a lil excited about taking the photo)

   I love this smoothie because it energizes you for your run as well as hydrates you for your run!   The coconut water in it is amazing for both before and after your run because it is a natural electrolyte.  Ever since I discovered coconut water I can never go back to those sugar filled sports drinks like gatorade or propel.  Also chia seeds are hydrating and packed with protein!  They also thicken smoothies up (and any other type of liquid) if you let it sit in the fridge for about 15 minutes.  The maca also adds a big bang of energy!! Woohoo!!

  Check out what I saw on while out on my run…

       A MINI HORSE!!!  Just walking down the sidewalk with a child on it Lol

Fall = PUMPKIN!!!

(I totally wish that was my street… but alas, google images comes to the rescue since I keep forgetting to bring my camera with me when I go out)

But ohhh how I love fall!! The cool crisp air, the beautiful colors of the trees, the crunching sound of leaves beneath your feet and the amazing smells of all of that combined and……. of course the A-MA-ZING smells of squash and pies!!!


   There is nothing better then curling up on the couch with your fuzzy slippers (or knit moccasin booties like I wear) with the blanket wrapped around you and nice warm cup of tea, hot chocolate or apple cider and warm slice of apple pie… or wait no… pumpkin bread… or wait… no maybe pumpkin cookies?? pumpkin muffins?? AHHH!!!! so many amazing things I can’t decide!!!

   But before I delve into all that, as I still have the rest of october to decide on what I want to make, I’ll start myself off with a nice power pumpkin smoothie!! Now mind you I don’t have the best camera, I’m workin on a cheap budget these days so the photos plus my awful apartment lighting dont do these yummy concoctions any justice! 

   Oh how I love pumpkin, not to mention all of the amazing benefits that pumpkin brings with it!

It’s high in the following:

  – Fiber

 – Vitamin C & E

 – Potassium (for those runners out there HOLLAH!!)

– Magnesium

 – Zinc

   So the other day I had gotten a couple cans of pureed pumpkin, merely because I wanted to make something with pumpkin but didnt quite have it in me to disect a whole pumpkin, bake it etc..  Anyway, so I’m standing my closet sized kitchen (I’m not kidding, literally only one person can fit in there at a time, which makes dinner time when both my roommate and I are home a bit of a circus. )   Anywho, so I wanted to get re-energized to go for a run in the brisk fall air and I decided why not make a scrumptious pumpkin smoothie!! I had just recently seen Angela’s Pumpkin Pie Monster over on Oh She Glows (LOVE HER!!) and I decided to tweak it a lil.

  Pumpkin Power Smoothie

1 cup Almond Milk

1/2 cup Canned Pumpkin

1 tsp Blackstrap Molasses

1 scoop Amazing Grass Vanilla Chai

1 frozen Banana

  *Blend ingredients together until a nice smoothie like texture appears

 mmmmm so yummy!   It’s sweet and delicious and completely good for you as it’s packed with amazing nutrients.  Did you know that molasses (my new best friend) has amazing health benefits?! I had no idea until quite recently.  

Health benefits of Blackstrap Molasses

 – Iron for increasing energy

– Excellent source of calcium

– It has copper, manganese, potassium and magnesium

  For more awesome info on all the benefits check out this site

  There are so many exciting recipe ideas I have brewing in my head that I want to experiment with… perhaps this weekend! The green festival is coming up on saturday so maybe I’ll draw inspiration from there too! maybe even get a few job offers! (crossing fingers and toes!!!!!!!!)

   Thats all for today!