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Valentines Day is Berry Granola

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!

Well  I hope everyone had a wonderful valentines day filled with love no matter if your in a relationship or not.  I myself am not, but a few valentines day’s ago my best friend reminded me that it’s not just about your “loved one” but about the love you have all around you, from family and friends!  I thought that was a fabulous way to look at it.   So thank you D!!  I love you!! 🙂

I had work today, which flew by! I love those days don’t you?  Where you all of a sudden look at the clock and it’s already 3:00!! WOW!!

I came home and fixed a most delicious meal of sprouted mung beans, steamed broccoli and red quinoa with a ginger miso dressing 🙂  oh it was scrumdi-dily-umptious!! I apologize for no pictures, but as usual I made extra so I have some for dinner tomorrow night, so I’ll try to remember to take some photos and post the recipe.  It’s quite simple and easy to throw together, which is my philosophy about meals during the week.

However, I will share with you what I whipped together this evening.  I have been fixated on making some granola since my fantastically big flop of making it about a month ago where I burned it to a crisp!  So this time I basically stood watching the oven the whole time.   And as usual, I didn’t measure anything, but since granola is really just a big mixture of whatever, I’ll just post what I put into it.  You can feel free to add or subtract to your own desired taste!

Valentines Berry Granola

– Bobs Red Mill Gluten Free Oats (2 cups?)

– Dried Cranberries (apple juice sweetened)

– Dried Strawberries

– Goji Berry

– Dried unsweetened banana (1/4 cup)

– Coconut flakes (1/4 cup)

– Raw almonds (1 large handful)

– Raw sunflower seeds (1 large handful)

– Chia seeds (2 Tbsp?)

– Coconut Oil  (approx. 1/2 cup?)

– Brown rice syrup (approx. 1/4 -1/3 cup?)

* Preheat oven to 350 degrees

– Mix all ingredients together until fully encorporated.

– Spread onto parchment paper

– Put timer on 5 minutes, and every 5 minutes open oven to stir granola around.  Keeping your eye on the oven to make sure it doesn’t burn!!  I believe I baked it a total of 30 minutes??  (basically just keep watching it until you feel its about done.)

– Let it sit out so it hardens up a bit, then carefully break into nice big chunks and put into an air tight container. Enjoy it with some vanilla hemp milk, or over fresh cut fruit and yogurt or just eat by the handful as an on the go snack!! The options are endless!!

Let cool

And just remember….

“All you need is Love…”


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I am vivacious, full of spirit and drive and like to dip my toes into everything to at the very least be able to say "I've done that". I live my life to the fullest and have a major passion for health, fitness and nutrition as well as helping others to achieve their goals in health. So read on to get your health fix!

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