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New Page!! My Amazon Store!

Very excited about this new page I’ve added.  I have a store!!   It’s through Amazon and it’s a place for you to check out the various items I have mentioned throughout my blog or items which I feel that every healthy minded vegan (or non-vegan) should have!

So take a gander, a look, or schmooz, browse about, whatever you fancy.  I recommend them all very highly.  And I will be adding to the store as I come across new items I become obsessed with.  Not very difficult to do for me Lol

So GO!! Check it out!!!


About Erin Brown

I am vivacious, full of spirit and drive and like to dip my toes into everything to at the very least be able to say "I've done that". I live my life to the fullest and have a major passion for health, fitness and nutrition as well as helping others to achieve their goals in health. So read on to get your health fix!

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  1. Those Music Videos that showed on cartoon network a few years ago with random cartoon networks chtaacrer. Like The Incredible Shrinking Day with Ed, Edd, and Eddy..

  2. yes. This is how we’re retroactively changing things.I might have quibbles with “choice” — I mean celibacy is always a choice, but how many of us are strong enough — considering people “choose” to get hanged for it under Islam. BUT setting up reverse-time victimhood is just nuts.ALSO I’d like just once for these shows to recognize that in much of the world homosexuality is still subjected to the death penalty while WE argue same sex marriage. But THAT would destroy their narrative of the US being always the bad guy.

  3. l@s niñat@s que aman crepusculo se han parado a leer algún libro de SK, un consejo, si quieres comparar una cosa con otra, informate primero… mas vale permanecer callado y parecer imbecil, que hablar y confirmarlo irremediablemente…


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