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Crazy, Sexy, Diet – Book Signing

Yesterday I went to Elizabeth’s Gone Raw restaurant to attend Kris Carr’s Crazy, Sexy, Diet book signing.   It was so lovely, it was small intimate and they had an all raw lunch available for those who wanted to buy it.  I of course did and it was delicious!!! I really want to go to an actual dinner event there (they aren’t open daily, only on certain dates or for events).

So Kris started out by talking a bit about her story and her new book, then she opened it up for questions etc.. there were several cancer survivors there and I was definitely moved to tears with a few things Kris said.  One thing in particular that she said, although small and brief, had a major impact on me.  It was in response to a question on how to respond to people when they remark about “shouldn’t you be practicing what you preach?” if you, for example are having a glass of wine or some type of junk food or something.  The girl was saying that she 95% of the time leads a healthy lifestyle now that she is cancer free, but sometimes would like to enjoy a glass of wine without being ridiculed.  Kris said “do you think the most peaceful yogi’s are perfect 100% of the time? no.  Do you think your idols are always happy? or never yell at their spouses? no.  I am totally flawed, and I love that I am full of flaws, because its what makes me, me.  It’s what makes me unique.  I am a pain in the ass to work for, but it’s only because I expect the best, because I want to be able to reach out to all of you! and help you!”    In any case, the part where she said “I am totally flawed, and I love that I’m flawed” that got me all choked up.  I just had this overwhelming sense of relief to hear that from someone I have recently discovered and put up on my list of people I admire.  It just made me feel like “oh thank god! she’s human too! it really is ok to not be perfect”.

Overall the afternoon was quite fulfilling and peaceful.  I spoke with her health coach about my own future and got some fantastic feedback.  Then before I left I got the nerve up and asked if I could take a picture with Kris! I look a little funny in the picture because the guy taking the photo had the camera super close to us, no idea why, so I kinda have this odd expression on my face like “uhhh can you back up sir?” Lol

Oh well, but at least I got a photo! woohoo!

p.s. she’s got hair flare!!! I have so much hair flare that I love wearing, I so should of worn it there! hahah


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