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Happy Halloweeeeeeen!!!

Well, yesterday, as I am sure everyone has heard about in the news, was the “Rally to Restore Sanity” down on the mall with John Stewart and Stephen Colbert.  Being a DC native and all, I of course had to go! Well…. boy was I ever surprised when I got to the metro, and could not get on a single train!! In all my life of living here, I have never once seen the metro system so completely flooded with people.  There were lines wrapped around the block just to get into the station to get a fair card!!!

I had to hop on a train going in the opposite direction just to be able to get on a train! I had to ride the train to the very end of that line and wait for it to turn around  to go in the direction I wanted Lol oyy vey!   Luckily I thought ahead and brought the new People magazine with me and read all about Taylor Swift, so I was entertained, along with the people on my train who were leading cheers in “NO!!” whenever the doors opened and people tried to get on.

So after about an hour and a half of train riding (normally this trip takes about 20 minutes, if that) I finally got downtown.  Tons and tons of people!! I could barely walk anywhere, could barely hear anything and definitely could not see anything because of my height deficiency (lol I’m 5’4 which is a fine height, except for situations where there are large crowds and the stage is far away).  People had climbed on top of the porto-potties, climbed trees and even street lights just to see!


So after pushing my way up as far as I could go ( I may be small, but when there are celebrities to be seen, I will make my way up to them!!) I finally decided to evacuate the mission.  I was hungry and just getting annoyed of the crowds, it seemed that the closer I got the tighter I was getting squeezed and to be honest I started having flashes of an angry mob riot breaking out and me getting trampled.  My mission to evacuate happened right after an almost fight broke out right in front of me because of someone getting accidentally pushed, the other girl for some reason got offended by this… I mean really??  Soooo I decided to cut outta there and venture onward with my day.

Halloween 2009 - My roommate and I

This was last year, 2009, my roommate dressed up as an 80’s chick, while dressed up as Lola from Hannah Montana 🙂  I do believe I was probably the only one who had any idea who Lola over the age of 15.  And I didn’t see any 15 year olds out at the bars.  It’s all good, I totally own my love for the disney channel and I wear it with pride! yay! haha

Did everyone dress up as for Halloween??  I was a bit lame this year and did not do anything.  For one I just wasn’t really in the mood to go out to any bars and no one I knew was throwing a house party.  And secondly, now a days it seems that for any holiday there is a big party at all of the bars going on which means they charge a cover at the door.  Sooooo instead, I stayed in and watched saturday night live, which by the way has really gotten to good in the past few years, and then went to bed.   A relaxing evening, after a chaotic day.  Relaxing is something that I do not do very well.  However…

So, I attempted it, and it worked out alright 😉

Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloweens, I’d love to know what kind of cool and creative costumes everyone had! Do share!


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