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Juice Cleanse Day 2

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Day 2 – started out a success then ended in me wanting to eat my entire kitchen…. FAIL! Lol  This is now becoming a fascinating experiment to me.    I find myself beyond curious as to which combination of vegetables will satisfy my palate and hunger so that I can successfully detox my body, give it a good cleanse and not be famished and wanting to eat everything in my kitchen right down to the linoleum floor.

Yesterday seemed to work much better then today. I think a key factor in yesterday was that I had a kombucha drink that I drank throughout the day.  I’ll have to wait until Friday (pay day) until I can buy myself some more Kombucha (aka miracle drink).

Today I had my green juice, then an apple and almond butter for a snack, then my green smoothie (which tasted like grass, that was hard to take down) and some almonds and cranberry mix for an afternoon snack.

This whole thing is definitely taking some navigating, but I assure you I WILL get this down!! And once I do I’ll be sure to sum it all up into one solid info on what worked and what didn’t along with recipes.

Now again, I want to put out there that I am in no way prescribing a detox diet.  I am only sharing what my experience is and people can feel free to take what I am learning as I go and try it out themselves.

Juice Cleanse Day 1

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Well Day 1 was not as bad as I had anticipated.  Granted today was crazy busy at work so that helped a ton in terms of keeping me moving and not thinking about the fact that my stomach was growling.

Today I did the “Juice till dinner” plan to help ease my way into it.  I had 12 ounces of Green Guru Juice (recipe from Crazy Sexy Diet) followed a half hour later by a green apple.  For lunch I had another 12 ounces of Green Guru Juice,  then for a snack I had an apple with 2 heaping tablespoons of almond Butter.   Then around 5:00 I had a vegan harmonized vanilla protein drink with coconut milk, which was totally disgusting, and will NOT  be doing that again tomorrow, I couldn’t even finish the whole thing it was so gross.

For dinner I had a heafty bowl of quinoa pasta (which is gluten free) with steamed broccoli and a cilantro cashew cream sauce.  Ok yes yes I went a bit decadent on the dinner, but I was quite hungry by that point…. note to self “must make more juice for later in the afternoon”.  Noted.

So today I felt very light, lots of energy and tonight I am brainstorming all kinds of new blends and mixes with foods which have amazing nutrient properties and can do amazing things to the body…. hmm is juicing the possible miracle brain food?! Lol Can’t wait to try them all out and share them with you all!!   Tomorrow I may do a smoothie blend instead of juicing, or make a smoothie blend for lunch… hmmmm

In any case, it’s only day 1 so I don’t want to get ahead of myself here.  It’s late so I should hit the hay so I don’t flub on tomorrow!!


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